Samsung SSD Vulnerability Bypasses Bitlocker Encryption

Samsung Unlocks Bitlocker

Microsoft, Samsung, and US-Cert have all issued advisories regarding a newly discovered vulnerability. A grouping of some of the most widely used SSDs contain a vulnerability that would allow access to encrypted data without the encryption key. Products tested and found to be vulnerable:

  • Crucial (Micron) MX100, MX200 and MX300 drives
  • Samsung T3 and T5 portable drives
  • Samsung 840 EVO and 850 EVO drives (In “ATA high” mode these devices are vulnerable, In “TCG” or “ATA max” mode these devices are NOT vulnerable.)

Not every SSD on the market has been tested, meaning more could contain the same risks.

Bitlocker also does not provide protection against this threat. By default, Bitlocker uses a hardware encryption method. This flaw means that someone could bypass the Bitlocker encryption without a password and gain access to valuable data.

It’s going to be very difficult to figure out which computers have vulnerable SSDs. An IT solution, such as Syxsense, can simplify the task.Normally, going through and identifying every device could take hours, or even days. With Syxsense, a scan can be set up to sweep the network and pull back inventory data. Within minutes, it will become obvious which devices are affected.

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