Office 2019 Rollout with ‘Sneakernet’

How will you deploy Office 2019?

Office 2019 is now available.  As of today, commercial volume license customers, Windows or Mac, can begin their deployment process. According to Microsoft’s statement, Office 2019 should be available to all customers within a few weeks.

A new edition of Office means a massive rollout to the devices in your environment. To dramatically reduce the time and resources this could waste, IT departments should utilize a software deployment solution.With something like Syxsense, you can upload a software package just once, but deploy it to every device you wish. Silent installs are also possible by including switch statements. Once uploaded to the packages section, it’s easy to target the software for a customized deployment.

The software distribution task has options like snooze reboot and maintenance windows to ensure that during this massive deployment, no work is interrupted.And taking advantage of an interconnected solution like Syxsense means having access to functions like our reports. Now, as you complete your work, reports can summarize task status for anyone that might need it.

Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to deploy Office device by device. Start your trial of Syxsense.