Flash Alert: Zero-Day Update

Adobe Issues Patch for Flash Player Zero-Day Exploit

Adobe has released a critical update for Flash. This zero-day vulnerability is, on a limited basis, being exploited in the wild.

According to the Adobe Security Bulletin, “These attacks leverage Office documents with embedded malicious Flash Player content distributed via email.”It seems the end of Flash is going to be much like its history; filled with critical exploits. Rather than update Flash, it’s being recommend that you simply remove it. Starting in 2019, Flash will be disabled by default and has an end-of-life target of 2020. Don’t wait for yet another critical vulnerability to begin the rollback process.

It’s Time to Remove Flash

Syxsense makes it simple to uninstall software. With a quick scan, you can discover every device that has Flash. After going through our straight-forward software deployment task manager, simply select ‘uninstall’ instead of ‘install’. The task will run and remove the software from every targeted device.

It’s time to say goodbye to Flash. See how painless it could be with a trial of Syxsense.