FBI Alert: RDP Exploited

Hope you don’t rely on RDP

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have released a new US-CERT Alert. Alert I-092718-PSA details the ramping up of cyber attacks exploiting the Remote Desktop Protocol.

RDP is included with Windows, and with millions utilizing that operating system, the vulnerability is widespread.The alert states “The use of RDP creates risk. Because RDP has the ability to remotely control a system entirely, usage should be closely regulated, monitored, and controlled.” If you don’t use the service, the FBI and DHS recommend you disable it and block any corresponding ports.” It’s also important to regularly monitor your remote access activity.

Why Syxsense is a secure solution to replace RDP

  • Reports can be scheduled to regularly keep you up to date on remote access activity.
  • Syxsense comes with Two-Factor Authentication, ensuring only authorized users can use the solution. This is a feature the FBI recommends for remote access products.
  • The suite comes with other tools, such as our Patch Manager. This, too, is recommended in the alert; “Apply system and software updates regularly.”
  • Communication is 2048-bit Encrypted.
  • End user access controls.
  • No Forced open ports.

RDP is quickly becoming an attacker’s favorite way to access an IT environment. Secure your devices and replace RDP with a secure Remote Control solution. Syxsense has reliable Remote Control as well as many other useful features.

It’s time to ditch RDP. Start a free trial of Syxsense.