RDP Flaw: Every Windows Version Affected

CredSSP Flaw in RDP

Credential Security Support Provider protocol (CredSSP), a Windows protocol that interacts with features like RDP, has a critical vulnerability. The danger here is that malicious entities could manipulate RDP to gain access to user’s devices and environments, stealing sensitive and valuable data.

This previously unknown remote code execution vulnerability was reported to Microsoft in August last year, but the tech giant issued a fix for the protocol just now as part of its Patch Tuesday release—that’s almost after 7 months of reporting.Since RDP is a feature within Windows, and one of the most popular application to perform remote access, everyone is exposed to this security threat. Literally every version of Windows, at the time of this article, contains this flaw.

Microsoft has released updates that target this issue. Even if you aren’t using RDP regularly, deploying this patch to your windows devices is critical. Because researchers believe this exploit may evolve into new ways to attack your environment, it’s also important to track the activity of remote login sessions.Syxsense provides both predictive patch management and detailed security reports.

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