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Verismic Announces Record-Breaking Growth of Syxsense

By January 24, 2018November 17th, 2022No Comments

Major Growth and Market Adoption of Syxsense

Verismic, a global leader in cloud-based IT management technology, announces the rapid growth of Syxsense over the last 12 months. CMS has seen major progression in sales and functionality.

Syxsense grew rapidly in all markets, including the US, United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia. Syxsense’s year-over-year sales grew by 146% and its three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 122.9%.

Syxsense fueled its adoption rates by releasing additional features, such as support for Linux and MacOS. Syxsense provides IT departments with a single interface for automating discovery, inventory and patching of Windows, MacOs, Linux and third-party applications.

“Support for Linux and MacOS extends our ability to deliver on our vision of allowing Syxsense customers to manage everything, everywhere, all the time from the cloud” says president and CEO Ashley Leonard.

With recent high-profile IT security incidents like Equifax, businesses need to discover and manage all desktops, servers and cloud assets. Syxsense is on the frontline of IT security, allowing IT managers to quickly calculate the health status of each system, identify vulnerable computers and then patch all their applications, especially third-party applications.

“We’re proud of the success we’ve had with Syxsense,” says Leonard.“Our hope is a continued trend in growth for the product and the company.”

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