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Intel AMT Laptop Hack

By January 12, 2018June 22nd, 2022No Comments
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Hacked Within a Minute

Intel is dominating the cybersecurity headlines again for the wrong reasons.

F-Secure, a Finnish based cybersecurity firm, has reported their researchers discovered an easy manipulation of Intel Active Management Technology, or AMT, which bypasses the login processes. This behavior bug could allow anyone with physical access to your laptop to set up a backdoor in less than a minute.

It doesn’t require any code, nor does it appear as a noticeable change. With a short distraction or moment of inattention, your device could be set up as the gateway into the network it’s connected to.

The best way to mitigate this risk is to use a comprehensive management solution like Syxsense. CMS can manage any device, anytime, all from the cloud.

Within Syxsense, you can create queries to easily see selections of devices based on a multitude of criteria. For instance, if you wanted to see every Intel based laptop within your environment, it would only take a few clicks to do just that.

The device health indicator icons show you, at a glance, which devices require updates. Because these are color coded, you can also quickly see the severity of the updates needed.

As soon as Syxsense has an update from Intel, you’ll see a notification within your console. These alerts ensure you know when new updates arrive. There’s a better way to manager your environment. Get started today.

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