Massive Ransomware Attack Strikes 23 Texas Towns

Massive Ransomware Attack Strikes 23 Texas Towns

Use Patch Management to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

23 cities in Texas were hit with a coordinated ransomware attack this weekend. A research firm which studies ransomware, has said that attacks aimed at state and local government are on the rise, with at least 169 examples of government computer systems hacked since 2013. There have been more than 60 already this year.

One of the most popular ways of tapping into government networks is through remote desktop systems, which can be vulnerable to hackers. Last week, Microsoft included a patch for RDS which had a CVSS score of 9.8. Windows RDS has been exposed for a plethora of network hacks and global data thefts. It’s also one of the chosen weaknesses used to spread ransomware.

The biggest lesson to come out of these attacks is that applying security updates as soon as possible can go a long way toward avoiding victimization when vulnerabilities are exploited by ransomware.

The Best Offense is a Solid Defense

The Top 5 Patching Mistakes whitepaper breaks down the assumptions that many IT professionals have about managing their environment. When a future ransomware attack occurs, these mistakes could significantly contribute to the spread of it. Or, when the next doomsday strikes, you could be completely bulletproof.