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July Third-Party Security Updates

By July 11, 2019November 15th, 2022No Comments

July Third-Party Security Updates

Explore the latest third-party updates as well as a controversial vulnerability with Zoom that the company has decided to eliminate.

Latest Third-Party Updates

This month there are several notable third-party updates that have been released. The vendors include Adobe, Foxit, GlavSoft LLC., Microsoft (Skype), and Mozilla.

How are you deploying third-party security updates? It’s time to switch to an IT management solution that can manage any security updates required. Syxsense can deploy a wide-range of updates, including Windows, Mac, and Linux software.

Zoom Pushes Emergency Patch for Webcam Flaw

After facing media scrutiny for a zero-day vulnerability in its collaboration client for Mac, Zoom has rushed out an emergency patch to eliminate the bug. The video conferencing company initially stated that it would not issue a full fix for the the vulnerability, but has since changed course.

The flaw (CVE-2019–13450), allows a malicious website to take over a user’s web camera without their permission, putting 4 million workers that use Zoom for Mac at risk. This isn’t the first time the company has experienced issues—late last year Zoom experienced a critical bug that could lead to malware installation.

Third-Party Updates

Vendor Category Title Date Published CVSS Score & Rating
Adobe Multimedia FlashPlayer_ActiveX_v32.0.0.223 7/9/19 N/A
Adobe Multimedia FlashPlayer_Plugin_NPAPI_v32.0.0.223 7/9/19 N/A
Adobe Multimedia FlashPlayer_Plugin_PPAPI_v32.0.0.223 7/9/19 N/A
Foxit Corporation PDF Viewer FoxitReader_v9.6.0 7/4/19 N/A
GlavSoft LLC. Remote Access TightVNC_v2.8.23.0 7/3/19 N/A
Microsoft Corporation Audio/Video Chat Skype_v8.49.0.49 7/8/19 N/A
Mozilla Web Browser Firefox_v68.0 7/8/19 N/A
Mozilla Web Browser FirefoxESR_v60.8.0 7/8/19 N/A
Mozilla Email Client Thunderbird_v60.8.0 7/8/19 N/A
Peter Pawlowski Audio Player Foobar2000_v1.4.6 7/7/19 N/A

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