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BlueKeep: There’s a Report For That

By June 11, 2019January 23rd, 2023No Comments

BlueKeep: There’s a Report For That

BlueKeep exploits are on the rise—Syxsense allows you to see which of your devices are affected by this critical vulnerability.

With BlueKeep exploits looming large, knowing your exposed risk could save your time, money and business.

Syxsense has added the “BlueKeep At Risk Devices” report to every console. Our dynamic architecture helps you stay on top of emerging threats. To run the report, just go to reports, find BlueKeep and press the button.

In seconds, you will see a list of every device that hasn’t been scanned for the vulnerability and every device where the risk is detected. With a few more clicks you can deploy the patch to every device, rerun the report and prove to management that you are 100% compliant.

Click, know the facts, and secure. Experience a complete view of your IT environment with Syxsense.

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