Review: How to Simplify Your IT Management

Syxsense Review: How to Simplify Your IT Management

This review originally appeared on Tech Log 360Depending on how vast and intricate the dynamics of your IT environment is, managing your IT infrastructure can be a total nightmare.

After all, if you want to optimize how your IT management runs, there are a couple of things you’d need to stay on top of.

Things like:

  • Onboarding new applications and programs
  • Software access and security
  • Software distribution
  • Patch management
  • Costs
  • And installing updates (among other things)

With all of these in your plate, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to do your tasks manually — as in, one by one.

Not only will doing so increase your chances of making catastrophic IT mistakes — costly ones, at that — but you’ll also hurt your productivity.

That’s why you need a reliable IT management solutions like Syxsense  in your arsenal.

What is CMS, Anyway?

From a 30,000 ft perspective, CMS is a cloud-based platform that you can use to manage your internal and external devices.

Some of CMS’ top features are software distribution, user-friendly reports, real-time security, remote control, patch management, and so much more.

With CMS, you can manage your IT environment from a single platform — through the cloud by using a web browser, at that.