Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Uninstall

It’s Buggy Out There

Microsoft has republished all of the recent July Patch Tuesday updates with one exception: KB 4018385. Microsoft have recalled this update because it crashes Office.

What are you to do if you already deployed this patch? We highly recommend our clients uninstall this update and reboot their systems as quickly as possible.“Barely a few months have passed since Microsoft recalled their last update,” says Rob Brown of Verismic.  “Uninstalling updates can be performed one of several ways, from manually uninstalling the update or using a systems management toolset. Not all toolsets have uninstall features for Windows update, and rely on bespoke uninstall scripts to be written by your IT managers.

Syxsense provides the simplest way to install or uninstall Windows updates, from a click of a button and easy targeting of all your devices.

What You Should Do

The best approach, for now, is to monitor your systems with a comprehensive IT management solution. Keep an eye on the status of your environment by implementing a solution that can easily show you, through the console or reports, which devices are affected by these updates.Syxsense has this capability, and more. Keep track of the status of your IT environment through detailed, easy to understand reports. If you decide you want to remove these disastrous patches, with Syxsense, you can roll them back in just a few clicks.

Find a better way to manage devices, start your trial with Syxsense.