2018: Year of the IoT Hackers

What’s Coming in 2018?

As we reflect on 2017 and the massive amount of high-profile security breaches from the past year, we ask ‘what could 2018 possibly bring’?

This year we’ve had Equifax compromised, TeamViewer exploited, BitPaymer disrupting, and the worldwide-felt WannaCry attack. 2017 was a year of escalating ransomware and cybercrime.But 2018 will bring a new form of exploit; the Internet of Things. With the IoT, companies will find that their number of vulnerable devices is exponentially larger than expected. More items within an environment are connected to the internet. From things like power-saving plugs to smart lightbulbs, offices are filled floor to ceiling with devices that need updates.

Hackers are already looking at these as a way into environments. Even though protections for conventional computers are getting more sophisticated, these other devices are going virtually forgotten. Any device that connects to the Wi-Fi is a potential security risk if left unpatched. It seems IT management tools have no answer for this onslaught of new vulnerabilities.But Syxsense is preparing. In 2018, we will be revealing the next evolution in IT management. Our solution will be the first to discover and manage devices of the IoT.

With a rapid sweep of your network, CMS will be able to show you any device connected to your network. Then you will be able to manage that device with our resource-light patch and software deployments solution. Manage anything, anytime, all from the cloud. Learn more about managing the IoT with Syxsense.START FREE TRIAL