TeamViewer Exploited

Who Views the TeamViewer?

A new vulnerability within TeamViewer has been making news across the internet. In an official statement by the company, they revealed that a GitHub user discovered a vulnerability in TeamViewer’s set of permissions.

In a post by one of their community managers, they sought to clarify that the product has not been hacked, just that a potential exploit had been discovered. TeamViewer has released a patch for the Windows version, with Mac and Linux to follow shortly.

What Should I Do?

Our first recommendation is to patch TeamViewer. Using Syxsense, you can easily deploy the update to any device that has this vulnerability. Our inventory scan will detect which devices have TeamViewer and then you can create a targeted task that fixes those devices.

If TeamViewer is widespread throughout your environment, don’t worry. Our deployment technology is resource light, preventing overwhelming bandwidth consumption.

Syxsense also has a comprehensive set of audit logs and reports. You can track who accessed a device and when. Reports can even be emailed out on a schedule, so you receive information to your inbox regularly.It’s also advisable to replace TeamViewer. Syxsense has a secure Remote Control solution. With Syxsense, you can set prompts that have the end user allow or deny access to their device. They, and you, will know if someone is attempting to access their device without permission.

A vulnerability like this can cause massive headaches for your company. Switch to a secure solution like Syxsense. Start a free trial today!

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