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Syxsense Featured as Innovative Company at Black Hat 2021

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Syxsense Featured as Innovative Company at Black Hat 2021

Syxsense was recently highlighted for innovation and growth at Black Hat 2021 — see what Cyber Defense Magazine had to say.

Headquartered in southern California, Syxsense is a software as a service endpoint management and security software company. Syxsense specializes in combining IT and patch management with security vulnerability scanning, and now a full remediation capability using Syxsense Cortex, the company’s workflow builder.

Syxsense’s cloud-based platform allows clients to manage all of their endpoints and devices through drag-and-drop (DnD) workflow technology. Example actions include almost everything: patches, asset management, vulnerability scanning, software installations, and more. Clients can use and edit pre-built blocks and create new ones. Furthermore, clients can deploy actions to individual devices, sets of devices, or all devices. For example, a client could update all of the odd-numbered computers on their network or change the background to display a cat for all employees named “John.”

Syxsense Cortex is a drag-and-drop workflow builder for building remediations to configuration errors and security vulnerabilities. Used with permission from Syxsense.

As a WordPress blogger, Syxsense’s product resonated with me because of its simplistic workflow and customization. Its DnD security workflow reminds me of how bloggers use DnD blocks to create a website or post. Furthermore, Syxsense’s ability to support any skill level is similar to how WordPress sicks with bloggers throughout their careers.

For example, new WordPress bloggers almost exclusively use DnD blocks. Over time, they learn how to customize blocks and how parts of the website interact (i.e., CSS and hosting configurations). Eventually, bloggers can create new blocks, build websites, fix bugs, and teach others. Skilled bloggers often publish custom blocks as code, add-ons, and templates, which creates an app-store atmosphere in WordPress.

Syxsense demonstrates similar possibilities in the security industry. Using Syxsense Cortex, clients can implement Syxsense’s platform using premade blocks. Once employees learn how each block’s settings interact with the network, they can customize blocks to fit their exact needs. Moreover, the transferring of skills from senior techies to new employees is seamless in this environment. I would not be surprised if its clients use its platform to teach security skills to employees or if security professionals make tutorials on custom blocks.

Watch Syxsense’s demo on Vimeo.

Lastly, Syxsense scans clients’ networks, proposes solutions, and displays potential exploit outcomes. In other words, Syxsense can fix vulnerabilities its platform detects, and best of all, clients can use DnD to resolve each issue.

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