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November Third Party


Troll Ransomware: Third-Party Patch Update

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What is Troll Ransomware?

This year has had many major ransomware and data breach events. From BitPaymer to the Equifax Hack, when the news hasn’t been dominated by Trump, it’s been focused on cybersecurity.

This has clearly caught the attention of the dark web. In just the past month, many new ‘troll’ ransomware variants have been discovered. These variants mimic some of the major players from this year, such as WannaCry.

The difference, however, is no data gets encrypted. They appear to exist just to cause panic and make the victim believe they are compromised when they really aren’t.

As is common with internet trolls, this creates confusion and frustration. How do you know if you are a victim of WannaCry or just an imposter? And how easy would it be for these trolls to go from upsetting prank to true ransomware attackers?

The best way to protect yourself is to implement a thorough patching strategy. Utilizing a solution like Syxsense facilitates smooth patch deployments. Set up automated patching tasks to ensure that when critical updates are released they get deployed to devices that need them. Patching removes exploits that ransomware tends to target.

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November Third-Party Patch Updates

Below is a list of 3rd Party Software Updates for the month:

Vendor Category Patch Version and Release Notes Link:
Adobe Media Software Flash, AIR, and ActiveX: –


Shockwave: –


Apache Word Processor OpenOffice: 4.1.4 –


Apple Media Software iTunes: 12.7.1 –


Citrix Data Delivery Receiver: 4.10 –


FileZilla FTP Solution 3.29 –


Foxit PDF Reader Reader: 9.0 –


Google Browser Chrome: 62.0.3202.97 –


Malware Bytes Malware Defender


3.3.1 –


Mozilla Brower and Email Client Firefox: 57 –

Thunderbird: 52.5.0 –


Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer 2.4.2 –


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Start Patching

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