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FBI PSA: IoT Devices Targeted by Attackers

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The FBI has Released a New PSA

According to the alert, I-080218-PSA, actors with malicious intent have been actively using vulnerable IoT devices. Said devices act as proxies to route malicious traffic for cyber attacks and computer network exploitation.

This reinforces what we have been saying for a very long time. Ignoring or mismanaging IoT device security leaves organizations wide open to potentially devastating cyber attacks that could have far-reaching national and even international consequences.

The FBI warns that a large range of devices could be misused. Examples include routers, smart watches, IP phones, streaming devices, IP cameras, network attached storage devices, and network connected printers. The list goes on and on; any device connected to the internet could be targeted.

The alert states “Cyber actors typically compromise devices with weak authentication, unpatched firmware or other software vulnerabilities, or employ brute force attacks on devices with default usernames and passwords.”

How can companies protect themselves?

The PSA suggests several methods for protection, but here is one to review. Detect and identify all IoT devices within your networks and then ensure they are up to date with the latest security patches.

Syxsense is the IT solution with the ability to detect IoT devices. Our discovery scan will show every device with an IP address connected to your networks. It is impossible to manage vulnerable devices if you don’t know they are there in the first place.

There’s a better way to manage IoT devices. Start your trial with Syxsense.

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Ransomware in 2018 Has New Leverage

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Ransomware’s Unexpected Ally: GDPR

While the intentions of GDPR are positive, analysts are predicting an unintended side effect. Actors using ransomware to extort companies could use GDPR as leverage.

With the strict requirements to stay within GDPR compliance, actors can put pressure on victims to pay out as quickly as possible.

In addition, because GDPR requires the reporting of a cyber breach, reputations will be immediately damaged regardless of how the event turns out. Such reputational damage can cost entities significantly.

Insurance claims are the aftershock of ransomware

In 2017, the UK supermarket chain Morrisons faced a lawsuit regarding compromised data. Those persons who had their data compromised sought compensation, and were granted it by the court. This ruling sets the stage for any number of similar cases of people seeking damages from having their data stolen.

After having already dealt with the costs of fixing the breach and reputational damage, the ransomware event bites back again with these new costs.

The IoT is the next cyber-crime minefield

While not getting the attention it deserves, IoT ransomware attacks are on the rise. In addition, IoT devices are getting smarter, more pervasive, and starting to collect valuable data. This is an already vulnerable field that is only getting more dangerous.

Companies need to get an understanding on just how many IoT devices they have in their networks. Security can’t be maintained if it’s unclear what could be vulnerable.

The bottom line is this: cybercrime costs continue to increase rapidly and are expected to hit $2 trillion in 2019. What will you do to prepare your systems?

Syxsense is prepared to address the threats of today and tomorrow. With our Patch Manager, you can easily identify vulnerable devices and patch them immediately.

Our discovery feature can also show you just how many IoT devices sit inside your networks. With a clear picture of your environment, you can implement a solid protection strategy.

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