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Network Map: Visualize Your IT Security

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View Any IT Issue at a Glance

Syxsense’s Network Map puts the answer to the IT’s burning questions in a single screen. Can I see every device connected to my network, and how vulnerable to attack are these devices?
Through color coding, critically vulnerable devices alert you to weak links in your security infrastructure.

With a click of a mouse, start a task to immediately patch “Red” devices. Mouse over any device to see exact numbers of how many critical, high, medium or low vulnerabilities you have. Double click to view inventory, a timeline of any changes on the device, and patching history.

By setting up a regular maintenance window, your devices will be fully patched, and a glance at this global network map confirms your compliance. It gives auditors, executives, IT directors and most importantly, you, peace of mind that hackers, phishing, or ransomware cannot exploit your business.

Why choose Syxsense?
1. Detection: With Realtime security information, Syxsense displays the current state of your devices and software. This is a reflection of right now; not minutes or hours ago.
2. Roll Back Patches: Not only can you deploy updates with a strategic method, but the Patch Manager can also uninstall updates. The task can be configured to remove a specific update, or group of updates, from all devices or just a selection of them.

3. Task Status and Reporting: Along with that Realtime data display comes accurate task status information. You can follow along as the task runs and analyze which devices succeeded or failed to implement the update. From there, our reporting section organizes vital information into easy to understand reports. These are perfect for emailing out to prove needed work has been completed effectively.

The Power of Realtime Security

Syxsense Realtime Security manages devices inside and outside your network, roaming laptops, Servers, Desktops, and IoT devices. With Realtime Security we’ve added both this network map and the ability to see and kill virulent malignant processes acting on your network.

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