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Third-Party Patch Update: March 2018

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Will the IoT bankrupt your business?

Research on the Internet of Things is not painting a pretty picture. According to research firm Gartner, approximately 20% of organizations have experienced at least one IoT attack in the past three years. There’s also a report from BullGuard showing that 37% of those surveyed had no idea how to protect IoT devices.

The biggest conclusion from this research: businesses are going to spend a lot trying to prevent IoT-based attacks. Gartner’s forecast conservatively estimates that IoT security spending will reach $1.5 billion this year, but will explode to $3.1 billion by 2021.

Compliance is expected to be the primary cost-increasing factor.

It’s believed more regulations will be created, causing more work for IT managers. With the proliferation of IoT devices, reporting for compliance may become nearly impossible.

However, Syxsense has an answer. Our Device Discovery feature can already detect the IoT devices within your environments. And with our comprehensive reporting, you can generate easy to understand reports for any compliance need.

Be prepared for the IoT and start a trial of Syxsense today!

Third-Party Patch Updates

Below is a table of third-party updates from March 2018:

Vendor Category Patch Version and Release Notes: CVSS SCORE
Adobe Media Software  

AIR: v29.0.0.112 –


Flash Player: v29.0.0.113 –


Shockwave Player: v12.3.2.202 –


Don Ho  

Notepad: v7.5.6 –


Evernote Corporation  

Evernote: v6.10.3.6921 –


FileZilla FTP Solution v3.31 –


Google Browser  

Chrome: v65.0.3325.184 –



Irfan Skiljan


IrfanView: v4.51 –




Malwarebytes: v3.4.4.2398 –


Mozilla Brower and Email Client  

Firefox: 59.0.2 –


Thunderbird: 52.7.0 –



The Document Foundation


LibreOffice: v6.0.2 –




RevoUninstallerFree: v2.0.5 –


RevoUninstallerPro: v3.2.1 –





WinSCP: v5.13 –
Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer  

2.4.5 –


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