SOX Compliance

Get actionable alerts required to improve cybersecurity and pinpoint nonconformance issues for SOX IT regulatory requirements.

Powerful Reporting

Meet compliance requirements

Meeting compliance is a necessary, but complex struggle for many companies. Syxsense provides reports you can use to prove that your organization is meeting SOX regulations.

Full Coverage

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance

Organizations that are required to meet SOX compliance regulations, which include all publicly
traded companies, must have robust IT backup, logging and security systems.

Even if a company produces a completely accurate financial report, they still run the risk of getting into legal trouble if weaknesses in their IT infrastructure could have led to the production of a report with incorrect data. SOX mostly deals with financial issues, but sections 302 and Section 404 include language that relates directly to IT concerns. These sections outline the requirements that the government has for collecting, storing and verifying the accuracy of financial records.

Consider The Risks

The Cost of Non-Compliance

CEOs and CFOs who willfully submit an incorrect certification to a SOX compliance audit can face fines of $5 million and up to 20 years in jail.

Heavy Fines

Fines can be up to $5 million dollars for incorrect certification to a SOX compliance audit.

Removal From Stock Exchanges

Publicly traded organizations or their accounting firms could be removed from stock exchanges.

Damaged Reputation

Consumers prefer working with companies whose reputation is untarnished from a data breach.

Sox IT Compliance

Here’s how we can help

Inventory history and threat alerting from Syxsense can help your organization document SOX compliance. Syxsense software provides IT management, comprehensive ransomware protection and real-time alerting and quarantine. With Syxsense, your organization can protect sensitive information, demonstrate SOX IT compliance, and reassure customers, partners, and regulators that your environment is secure.

What We Offer

Powerful compliance features

Syxsense Secure and Syxsense Manage help enterprises comply with SOX requirements. Below are just a few features to help meet your requirements.

Patch Scans

Scan systems in real time and identify any missing patches.

Patch Deployment

Deploy patches based on CVSS severity or device location

Device Inventory

Maintain an inventory of systems for HIPAA compliance.

Compliance Reports

Easily download patch status reports for verification.

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