Syxsense Releases RMM Solution for MSP and MSSPs

Syxsense Releases a Powerful and Easy-to-Use RMM Solution for MSP and MSSPs

Syxsense Releases New RMM Solution for MSP and MSSPs

Syxsense, a global leader in IT and security management solutions, announced today the release of a powerful remote monitoring and management solution. Syxsense increases recurring revenue for MSP and MSSPs by automating IT management, offering comprehensive patch management, and fullsecurity vulnerability scanning and remediation.  Enhance your managed service without incurring the cost of building a solution from scratch.

  • Securely Manage Customers: Syxsense Security Contexts allow MSPs to instantly move between multiple customers in a single console, see and act on exactly the customer and devices they want
  • Efficiently distribute workloads amongst your staff: Grant various levels of security access to best leverage your staff. Each user may have multiple Roles (what you can do) and Scopes (where you can do it)
  • Onboard with ease:  Quickly, within minutes, add and immediately begin managing new nodes and new customers
  • Full-service IT professional: White Label branding adds the full management suite of functionality with your own logos and branding. Syxsense is polished and presented as a natural extension of your current offering
  • Quantify your customers ROI: Custom dashboards and a full suite of automated reports show exactly where your customers were without you, how many security issues you have solved and their current risk of exposure
  • Reuse Work: Syxsense objects like Cortex Workflows, Policies, Maintenance Windows, queries, tasks and more can be reused across multiple customers to reduce risk, increase efficiency and secure your clients infrastructure

Syxsense’s robust feature set delivers MSPs the most comprehensive solution to manage and secure clients: automated policies, full RMM, OS and 3rd party patching, security scans, remote access, alert triggers with automated response, software deployment, and more.

A globally available and cloud native solution, Syxsense gives complete visibility of your client assets from a single secure console.  Syxsense Security Contexts combine a lock down of both access rights (roles) and device visibility (scope).  With an unlimited combination of security contexts, employees who have been granted access move swiftly between customers, sharing and reusing work while customer data remains completely siloed. Rest assured your staff will only act how and where you want them to, and that management’s overall picture of the business is complete.

Other solutions give you a snapshot of how devices (laptops, desktops and servers) were, not a real time connection to evaluate and respond immediately. Use Syxsense Cortex to vigilantly watch, alert and repair.  By combining and reusing the intelligent, real-time response of Syxsense Cortex and routine Maintenance Windows, MSPs save 80% of the time it takes to manage clients.  RMM may demand 24×7 availability, but the proactive automation and responsiveness of Syxsense reduces the grueling demands on MSPs, freeing their time to manage more customers.

Syxsense is offering free, full-featured trials for up to 100 devices for 14 days. More information on the software and trial can be found here.

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