Syxsense Secure Adds Cyber Threat Alerting and Quarantine

Syxsense Secure Adds Cyber Threat Alerting and Quarantine

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. (September 10, 2019) – Verismic, a global leader in cloud-based IT management and security technology, has released a new Syxsense Secure version featuring real-time threat alerting and device quarantine to detect, isolate, and prevent cyber security breaches. These new features, plus the industry-leading patch management already available in Syxsense Secure, provides IT departments with both endpoint security and management in a single console.

The inability to see attacks and prioritize patching is the No. 1 issue in IT security according to Gartner. Syxsense Secure aims to solve this problem, which would stop more than 80 percent of all breaches from occurring. Syxsense Secure consists of a single, lightweight agent, which provides continuous management and monitoring of endpoint activity and protects by automating the response to cyber security breaches. The instant the suspicious activity of a malicious process is detected, the process is stopped, and the device is proactively quarantined to prevent further infection.

Syxsense Secure allows IT and Security professionals to:

  • See and Stop Attacks: See precisely which machines are being actively exploited enterprise-wide and filter by specific vulnerability and available patches.
  • Secure Every Device: Stop an attack immediately and prevent future attacks of a similar nature across the organization.
  • Fix the Biggest Problems: Understand which patches will have the biggest impact across the organization and then quickly patch, within seconds, the most actively exploited machines – whether online or quarantined.

“Syxsense Secure gives IT and Security teams a real-time picture and response time to any unpatched or vulnerable endpoints on their network, as well as the ability to isolate and remediate endpoints,” says Diane Rogers, Chief Product Officer at Verismic.

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