Patch Now: Global Ransomware Attack

Hackers breach computers in 12 countries with stolen NSA tools

A large ransomware attack has thrown the British healthcare infrastructure into uncertainty. The National Health Service confirmed in a statement that as of the morning of May the 12th “16 NHS organizations had reported that they were affected by this issue.” Photos circulating on Twitter showed both computer screens locked with a ransom message and ambulances backed up at hospitals. There are reports that doctors have had to resort to paper and pencil.The release by the NHS also states “At this stage we do not have any evidence that patient data has been accessed.” As of this posting, the investigation is ongoing. However, the NHS has said that they believe the malware responsible is ‘Wanna Decryptor’.The best way to protect against malware is keeping your systems up to date. While firewalls and antivirus are important outer defenses, protecting the interior of your network is also vital.  As vulnerabilities are discovered, updates are released to fortify software. However, if you put off patching, you leave your environment vulnerable to exploits.

Microsoft says that an update they released on March 14th addresses this vulnerability. Deploying this patch should keep your Windows systems secure, but if you are running unsupported versions of Windows, like XP, you won’t receive this update. Learn more about the Security Bulletin here.START FREE TRIALSyxsense is the solution for efficient, predictive patching. We test patches and then release them to you for a stable and secure environment. Not only do we have Microsoft updates, but we have an extensive library of third-party software vendors. Protect yourself against a major vulnerability or ransomware attack with Syxsense to secure your systems.

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