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Selecting a new or replacement IT management or patch management system can be difficult, with many vendors offering what seems like similar features. This guide aims to provide a list of essential questions that should be asked of vendors to identify the benefits of each system.

Patch Management Buyers Guide 2023

Find the Right Solution

100 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Patch Management Tool

Premise vs. Cloud-Based

Which type of solution is best for your organization and what questions should you ask?

Patch Management Features

Explore important questions about third-party patches, Windows Feature Updates, and more.

Security Considerations

Not only should you be concerned about the security of the tool, but also the safety of your data.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Patch Management Solution
  • Cloud vs. On-Premise
  • Agents/Communication
  • Endpoint Management
  • Remote Site Management
  • Patch Management
  • Reboot Management
  • Reporting
  • Integration
  • Licensing
  • Inventory
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Security
  • Expert Insights
  • Customer Support
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Software Distribution
patch management buyers guide

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Customer Dedication

Syxsense has a 98.6% customer support satisfaction rating.

“Patch manager drastically improved the maintenance of our organization’s devices by providing a quick and easy method to keep computers healthy and up to date. I would definitely recommend the product and will continue to vouch for it in future workplaces.”

Antonio F. | Support Specialist

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“I LOVE this software. can connect the PCs/ Laptops in seconds to resolve issues and manage machines. The support staff are excellent at resolving any problems quickly and do a thorough job to make sure everything is resolved.”

Shannon R. | IT Support

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“Syxsense was the only product that fit all of our requirements to patch our operating systems as well as third party software all from a solution we don’t have to host or look after. I can now remotely deploy patches to my users working from home in Australia.”

Shannon R. | IT Support

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