Microscope: Windows of Opportunity

This summer’s launch of Windows 10 promises to be a shot in the arm for the channel

Ashley Leonard, president and CEO, Verismic

Windows 8/8.1 was not popular with users, which could prompt XP and 7 users to jump to Windows 10 when it launches. Microsoft has also said 10 will be a free upgrade for a fixed period, which makes this upgrade jump even more likely.

In any scenario, a flow of OS upgrades stretches IT resources, not just through OS roll-out, but through testing, fixing, repackaging and preparing existing applications for the new environment. It really is no small feat to deploy applications.

Channel businesses – specifically managed service providers (MSPs) – are in a great position to provide this support. They can commit resources to creating, testing, preparing and delivering OS roll-outs and applications packaged with a high first pass success rate.

MSPs need to arm themselves with a simple systems management tool. Pick the right tool and they should be able to benefit from ‘dissolving agent- less’ technology, which means they don’t need to deploy any software at the customer site on any PC to con- trol them – it’s easier and less expen- sive for them. These will be the channel firms really making a profit from the Windows 10 bonanza.

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