Windows Out-of-Band Update Released to Fix Kerberos

Windows Out-of-Band Update Released to Fix Kerberos

Microsoft Issues Emergency Update for Kerberos

Microsoft has released an emergency security update to fix a Kerberos OOB vulnerability in Windows Server running Domain Controller services.  Anyone impacted by this vulnerability will not be able to sign into services or applications using the affected DC, whether this was Premise or Cloud.  This also impacts anyone using SSO.

Rob Brown, Head of Customer Success for Syxsense said, “This vulnerability is impacting all Windows Server OS from 2008 through to 2019 and should be a particular concern as this was identified by a very well-known Antivirus partner. Therefore, the assumption is to believe this was being used in malware, other ransomware attacks, or full loss of service if exploited.”

Windows Out-of-Band Updates

As always we recommend full testing be performed prior to live deployment to your device, these are now available within Syxsense.