In the News: Syxsense Leading the Charge in Automated Endpoint Security
Published originally on May 31, 2024 by Tony Bradley on Techspective.


Syxsense is making significant strides in enhancing its capabilities and expanding its market reach. Recently, the company rolled out new remote monitoring and management features aimed at supporting Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This new functionality enables MSPs to integrate seamlessly with the Syxsense platform, optimizing their performance and expediting their operational efficiency.

Additionally, Syxsense has been focusing on intelligent monitoring. This feature leverages endpoint signals to trigger automated responses via Syxsense Cortex, the company’s automation system. This integration allows for real-time detection and remediation of security issues, reducing response times and enhancing overall security posture.


Incorporating AI into Syxsense Solutions in 2024

AI is a focal point for Syxsense’s future developments. Leonard elaborated on how AI is set to transform their solutions significantly. According to Leonard, the integration of AI will enhance the company’s ability to prioritize, detect anomalies, and improve decision-making, all while ensuring real-time responses and robust data governance.

“Today it really needs to be a continual process,” declared Leonard. “That’s really where automation in technologies can really help customers because it enables them to be continually monitoring the endpoints for patching security.”


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