3rd Party Round Up Webinar | May 2024
May 29 @ 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm PDT

Don’t miss out on May’s powerful patch management update.

Join us for a deep dive into the latest vulnerability & patching updates from around the globe.

What to expect:

Dive into this month’s bulletins as we show you strategies for tackling the latest and most important Patch updates. Our IT industry expert, Jon Cassell, Syxsense’s Senior Solutions Architect, will cover all of the latest updates for the month.

Syxsense spots critical threats early and deploys instantly, with curated patch content that includes risk assessment, patch prioritization, and dedicated Patch scheduling for simple deployment every month.

Our experts have deployed over 100 million patches. Join us as we tackle this month’s updates and then get your own customized demo to see how Syxsense can help you manage Patch vulnerabilities and more.