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Schedule a demo with us for your chance to win a special edition of Macallan’s Masters of Photography series, adorned with artwork by Ernie Button. Estate Reserve was launched for the travel-retail market and contains a high proportion of whisky aged in Spanish-oak sherry casks.

With a demo, you’ll see how Syxsense helps you:

  • Orchestrate your patch management, vulnerability identification, and remediation capabilities
  • Reduce your exposure to cyberattacks with Syxsense’s integrated security scanner and remediation capabilities.

Enter to Win! Macallan Estate Reserve — Ernie Button Capsule Collection

With Syxsense

Reduce Your Exposure

Prevent cyber attacks with insights from our security scanner by scanning authorization issues, security implementation, and antivirus status.

Quarantine Your Devices

Block communication from an infected device to the internet, isolate the endpoint, and kill malicious processes before they spread.

Patch and Protect

Globally available from everywhere, Syxsense lets you automatically deploy OS and third-party patches as well as Windows 10 Feature Updates.

Stay Compliant

Document your patching and security strategy success and see detailed reporting to meet HIPAA, SOX, and PCI compliance.