COVID-19 Causes Increase in Cyberattacks

COVID-19 Causes Increase in Cyberattacks

Coronavirus is Leading to Growth in Cyber Attacks

As the world continues to battle COVID-19, patching and securing endpoints has become a much bigger challenge for businesses.

A recent survey from Threatpost revealed that 40% of companies reported seeing increased cyberattacks as they enable remote working.

In a joint statement from the European Commission, ENISA, CERT-EU, the organizations shared concerns about COVID-19 related vulnerabilities.

The coronavirus outbreak has spurred widespread anxiety and forced many people to work from home. Malign actors are actively exploiting these new challenging circumstances to target remote workers, businesses and individuals alike.

Relevant European Union entities are in close contact with one another to track these malicious activities, raise awareness in their respective communities and help protect confined citizens. The European Commission, ENISA, CERT-EU and Europol, among others, will continue to monitor the situation and coordinate as appropriate to ensure a safer cyberspace for the EU and the world.

Despite this call-to-action, many businesses and IT professionals are still unequipped to handle the exploits. Companies are making infrastructure changes on the fly and opening up corporate networks to potential attacks.

Proactively Protecting Your Organization

A secure, roaming product like Syxsense allows you to manage and secure vulnerabilities exposed by open ports, disabled firewalls, ineffective user account policies, and security compliance violations from remote workers.

In this unpredictable time, detecting software vulnerabilities isn’t enough. Traditional security scanners only do half the job by identifying and tracking possible vulnerabilities and exposure without eliminating the risk.

Combining security scanning and patch management in a single console, our vulnerability scanning feature not only shows you what’s wrong, but also deploys the solution. Gain visibility into OS and third-party vulnerabilities while increasing cyber resilience through automated patching and security scans. Insights into the OS misconfigurations and compliance violations reduce your attack surface and increase peace of mind.

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