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Cloud-Based IT Security Will Dominate in 2022

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Cloud-Based IT Security Will Dominate in 2022

IT professionals will need cloud-based security tools with built-in automation to stay on top of 2022 IT security needs. What's changing?

Cloud-Security Looking to Grow in 2022

The cloud has been gathering momentum for many years. And it is rapidly becoming an unstoppable force. According to the 2022 Technology Spending Intentions report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), cloud spending will far outstrip on-premises spending in 2022.

The report states that two thirds of organizations will raise their budgets for public cloud applications in 2022. 3% will decrease such spending and the remainder said public spending would remain flat. Some of the major factors driving these investment trends include the improvement of the customer experience, making employees more productive, enhancing business processes, and enabling digital transformation.

Digital transformation, it turns out, goes hand in hand with the cloud. Companies have realized that being in the cloud gives them far more architectural flexibility. Those continuing to focus on on-premises technology typically find it more difficult to adopt the latest technologies, harder to transform, and more challenging to streamline processes.

That’s why ESG found that almost half of organizations now regard themselves as cloud-first i.e., when they look to add new technology, expand their operations, or upgrade an application or system, their first option is always to look at how that can be done in the cloud. They deploy any new applications in the public cloud unless someone can make a compelling case to deploy it using on-premises resources. This approach offers them an immediate benefit of transferring CAPEX costs to OPEX. At the same time, it grants them access to cloud technology where vendors take care of all upgrades, back-end systems, and troubleshooting.

Hence, we are seeing the number of traditional data centers and server rooms dwindle. Instead of buying the hardware upfront and paying for annual maintenance, the pendulum has swung to a consumption-based model in which infrastructure is obtained on a pay-per-use basis such as cloud subscriptions. Over the past two years, the number favoring the traditional data center model has dropped by 12%. In 2022, it will drop to 38%.

Beyond costs and access to the latest technology, the move to the cloud is also about a preference for iterative methodologies such as DevOps, agile software development, and adoption of low-code and no-code processes. Cloud-based systems make it far easier for organizations to switch to these modern methodologies. Further, the cloud brings an extra dimension to application development. According to ESG, 60% of organizations are engaged in the development of cloud-native applications.

The Cloud and Digital Transformation Go Hand in Hand

There is no doubt that most organizations see a strong need to digitally transform in order to stay competitive and expand. That’s why so many are gravitating to the cloud. They no longer wish to bog themselves down in internal IT plumbing and maintenance by running a sophisticated modern data center.

At the same time, they are learning that the move to the cloud can help them to enhance security while they digitally transform. The organizational perimeter has evolved over the past two years. There is no going back. No longer can IT shelter employees and systems behind a firewall protecting a physical building and a consolidated network. The genie is out of the bottle. Many work from home. Wi-Fi networks are in heavy use across the geographically distributed enterprise. Applications are now provided by a great many cloud vendors. The centralized security paradigm no longer functions.

How Syxsense Can Help

It takes cloud-based security tools with built-in automation to stay on top of current security needs. Syxsense offers automated, cloud-based patch management and vulnerability scanning tools.

As organizations transition to the cloud, they must ensure that they also transition to security tools such as Syxsense as a key part of their journey.

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