Syxsense is shortlisted for a Network Computing Award 2015

‘Bench Tested Product of the Year – Software and Services’ is the category Syxsense, our agentless, cloud-based IT management software solution, has been shortlisted for at the 2015 Network Computing Awards.

Network Computing’s Editor, Ray Smyth, will personally judge the Bench Tested Product of the Year – Software and Services category and winners are announced at an evening ceremony on 19th March.

An independent review of Syxsense by Network Computing in July 2014 highlighted its ‘refreshing new approach to endpoint management which does away with the excess baggage associated with traditional solutions’. We’re passionate about the product and extremely pleased its value to businesses is being recognised.

Syxsense is an agentless, cloud-based IT management software solution. Its revolutionising the way IT professionals manage endpoints. While most IT endpoint management products require agents that can take months to deploy, constant maintenance and risk conflicting with existing software, CMS is agentless. This capability enables the system to be operational in minutes, providing a first-of-its-kind agentless solution in the cloud. The innovative technology reduces the complexity of IT management, requires only a web browser to deploy and can easily scale up to as many as 10,000 endpoints.