Chrome Compromised: September Third-Party Patch Update

1 Million Targeted by Chrome Extension Hack

Even experts aren’t exempt from deceptive phishing attacks. It’s being reported that the developers of several extensions had their login credentials stolen.

It’s the second time in a week that Chrome users have been targeted by extension hijacks. The first involved an extension called CopyFish with around 30,000 installs. That attack may have been a test intended to see how many fraudulent ad views could be pumped through before Google intervened and returned control of the extension to its rightful owners.

Extensions reported so far:

  • Web Developer version 0.4.9
  • Chrometana version 1.1.3
  • Infinity New Tab version 3.12.3
  • CopyFish version 2.8.5
  • Web Paint version 1.2.1
  • Social Fixer 20.1.1
  • TouchVPN
  • Betternet VPN

Once the attackers had access to the developers accounts for these extensions, they began modifying the code. It seems their goal was to gain control over victims’ browsers and then if the victim had a Cloudflare account, steal that information.

It’s important to keep your browser’s up to date and review extensions before you install them.

The Source of NotPetya

Just after the outbreak of NotPetya, several entities seemed to point at software distribution provider MeDoc as one of the main sources of the outbreak. They claim that their software was a victim of a hack that then led to it being the vessel for initial distribution of NotPetya. From there, it spread through updates of MeDoc and began infecting more and more victims. This sort of event is known as a ‘supply chain attack’.The compromise of a software distribution method is extremely dangerous for businesses. Before you know it, a vulnerability can be spread to every device accessible via the hacked distribution software. How do you prevent such a disaster? One way could be the activation of two-factor authentication for login to your IT management software. This can help prevent the software from being compromised in the first place.

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Third-Party Updates

Every month we see a bevy of new third party updates, and are always enhancing our library of supported vendors. Special requests and additions are welcomed. This month’s releases include:

Below are a list of third-party software updates for the month:

Vendor Category Patch Version and Release Notes Link:
Adobe Media Software Flash and AIR: and –


Apple Media Software iTunes: 12.6.2 –


Cerulean Instant Messaging


Trillian: 6.0 build 61 –


Citrix Data Delivery Receiver: 4.9 LTSR –


Don Ho Source Code Editor Notepad++: 7.5


FileZilla FTP Solution 3.27.1 –


Foxit PDF Reader Reader: –


Google Browser Earth: 7.3.0 –

Chrome: 60.0.3112.113 –


Malware Bytes Malware Defender


3.2 –


Mozilla Brower and Email Client Firefox: 55.0.3 –

Thunderbird: 52.3.0 –


Realvnc Remote Access Software 6.2.0 –


The Document Foundation Office Suite LibreOffice: 5.4.0 –


Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer 2.4.0 –


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