Patch Now: Microsoft Fixes Zero-Day Flaw

Two major security flaws were addressed in the latest Patch Tuesday update. The first was a zero-day vulnerability that is currently being used in attacks against Russian-speaking users. The second is a response to the new BlueBorne exploit that targets Bluetooth devices.

If you’ve deployed the Patch Tuesday updates for September, you already have these updates. However, if you haven’t already done so, we strongly urge you make this your top priority.We know Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday bundle can be a real pain and kill your day, but that’s where Syxsense can help. With our maintenance windows and patch queries, you can set automatic tasks to deploy Patch Tuesday Updates every month they are released and schedule them around business hours.

It’s important to avoid a loss of productivity, but it’s also critical to keep your systems free of vulnerabilities by patching. Syxsense allows you to do both. There’s no excuse for not patching your systems and great risk with waiting to deploy updates.

Equifax Should Have Patched

Another reason to keep up to date on patches; breaches like Equifax. It seems they have tracked down the source of the security breach, a flaw in the Apache Struts Web Framework. This vulnerability was revealed back in March and has an update that fixes it.

It seems this isn’t the end of Equifax’s incompetence, but only the beginning. An unrelated discovery found that Equifax’s Argentinian website had their administrator user/password login to admin/admin. There are not words for how foolish this is.This is one of the three major agencies charged with tracking our financial lives. It’s important that punishment comes and safeguards are put in place so that something like this never happens again.

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