BitPaymer Ransomware Hits NHS

Is BitPaymer going to be bigger than WannaCry?

On August 25th, a handful of Scottish hospitals was infected with the BitPaymer ransomware. This group of hospitals, responsible for more than 654,000 residents, was also hit during the WannaCry ransomware event three months ago.

Although the hospitals reacted quickly and avoided paying a ransom, the hack caused major disruption, leading to thousands of cancelled appointments.While a bullet was dodged here, BitPaymer has the potential to be much larger than WannaCry. A big danger is that this hack utilizes computers with RDP. According to some estimates, there are over 4 million endpoints vulnerable like this. That is 10 times more computers than WannaCry infected.While RDP is a useful tool for keeping people productive, it’s risks outweigh the benefits. It’s time to replace RDP with a secure, powerful solution. Syxsense offers a Remote Desktop Access feature. We prioritize security and utilize 2048-bit encryption for communication.

BitPaymer doesn’t need end user interaction to infect a device. To show you who is accessing devices and when, we provide comprehensive audit logs and reports. Replace RDP and sign up for a free trial of Syxsense today!

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