Syxsense Raises $6 Million Investment to Further Accelerate Growth

Syxsense Raises $6 Million Investment to Further Accelerate Growth

New Investment Supports Growth of Intelligent IT Automation, Patch Management, Security Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation

Syxsense, a global leader in IT and security management solutions is excited to announce its $6 million round of funding, led by Oquirrh Ventures and Origami Capital Partners, joining existing investor Signal Peak Ventures.

Syxsense’s cloud-native IT management and security suite experienced tremendous growth during COVID-19, with more employees working from home. Syxsense’s solution enables its customers to reduce infrastructure management costs by combining IT operations management, patch management, and security vulnerability management into a single cloud-based tool that allows management of organization’s entire IT environment, regardless of location.

“Customers realize that patch management is only part of good security management. Companies require a complete picture of their security exposure but most importantly an ability to remediate that exposure,” said Ashley Leonard, CEO of Syxsense Inc. “We have seen rapid growth in our enterprise customer base as these companies further embrace the cloud and replace legacy technologies.”

Origami Capital Partners Julie Klaff added, “We are very pleased to join Syxsense in their journey as they accelerate their cloud-based management and security suite offering. Ashley and his team have done a wonderful job in advancing breakthrough security technology that builds upon Syxsense’s market leading infrastructure products.”

The Syxsense solution is a cloud-based platform that allows IT administrators to automate IT patch management and security management with a simple drag and drop interface, providing simple automated compliance templates and workflows.

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